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Dark Souls III (Review)

Secret of Mana Remake (Review)

Final Fantasy Tactics (Review)

Alien Isolation (Review)

Devil May Cry 5 (Review)

Yakuza Kiwami PC-Port in Ultra Widescreen (Review)

Crackdown 3 (Review)

Day of the Tentacle Remastered (Review)

Dual Hearts (Review)

Monster Boy & the Cursed Kingdom (Review)

Tales of Vesperia Definitive Edition für Nintendo Switch (Review)

Onimusha Warlords für Nintendo Switch (Review)

NEOGEO mini Christmas Limited Edition (Review)

PlayStation Classic Mini-Konsole (Review)

Toki Retrollector Edition für Switch (Review)

killer7 für PC (Review)

SNK 40th Anniversary Collection (Review)

Undertale (Review)

Sega Ages Phantasy Star für Nintendo Switch (Review)

Castlevania Requiem für PS4 (Review)

Final Fantasy XV (Review)

428: Shibuya Scramble (Review)

Capcom Beat em Up-Bundle (Review)

Dragon Quest XI (Review)

NEOGEO mini International (Review)

Yakuza Kiwami 2 (Review)

Shenmue I & II HD Remaster (Review)

Yakuza 0 PC-Version in Ultra-Widescreen (Review)

Gregor testet die Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1 & 2

Snatcher (Hideo Kojima Retrospektive)

Detroit: Become Human-Review (mit Katharina)

Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana (Review)

Phantoms (Film-Talk mit Schröck)

ElGato 4K60 Pro-Capture Karte (Review)

Super Ursus SNES Raspberry Pi-Case (Review)

Yakuza 2 (Retro-Review)


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